May 4, 2015

Hi my dear reader and welcome to my very first post!
This place isn’t full of little neat articles yet but I promise it will be.
In fact I am going to fill it with lots of awesome and useful content about software development.
I like to write about everything I discover in the fascinating world of technology.

So who is talking anyway?

My parents have taught me to introduce myself first before asking what the name of my dear reader is.
Well they might not have said it that way but that is how I interpreted it.
I’m getting off track here.
My name is Thomas Farla. Most people call me Thomas, Tom or Farla.
At the time of writing I am 19 years old or young if that is how you are used to hearing that sort of thing. I am pretty flexible.
If you want to know more about me then go ahead and click here. It’s on the house!

What to expect?

I am not promising to write about the ultimate way to success. However I am going to post about means that will bring you closer to that goal. I believe that in order to become a great and outstanding software developer we have to know an awful lot about computers. Collective learning is the key to manage all this information in the computer that is called the brain.
That’s where I come in! This blog aims to introduce you to new concepts or atleast new to me.

Now that is more than enough of an introduction.
I’m very excited to hear from you too!
A great way to talk is to leave a comment in the section below.