My 10 favorite Meteor packages

May 15, 2015

Having mentioned Meteor’s awesome package system in my previous post. I like to follow up with ten of my favorite packages that will help you improve your programming experience.
A big thank you to the awesome community and keep up the amazing work!


Mongol will automatically detect your collections and display your client-side documents.

Mongol adds a smart little black box on the edge of your screen which displays all sorts of useful insight of your application.
With everything provided in a compact UI, Mongol boosts productivity and gives you that zen feeling every developer should have.
Say goodbye to looking at the console and welcome Mongol to show your documents.

Check out the Meteor package.


Jade is a clean, whitespace sensitive syntax for writing html.

With Jade you write less HTML to get the same result. Using it within Meteor makes it even more efficient.

Write less, do more.
That’s what Jade is all about!

Check out the Meteor package.


Routing specifically designed for Meteor

This is the most used router in the meteor atmosphere. For a very good reason; It Rocks!

With minimal code you can implement a routing system which is designed to work with the awesomeness that Meteor has to offer.

Check out the Meteor package.


Automatic validation of insert and update operations on the client and server.

I like to have some sort of schema validation when pushing data to Mongo. With Collection2 this is just a matter of attaching a simple schema to a Mongo collection and it just works!

Check out the Meteor package.


Easily create forms with automatic insert and update, and automatic reactive validation.

Why write lots of code when someone else has already done it? I think I’m not alone in saying that writing countless forms in HTML is not much fun. Generating them according to your defined schema would be really convenient.

That is exactly what Autoform does best!
It looks at your schema and generates your forms while still leaving room for lots of customization.

Check out the Meteor package.


AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your application. The resulting environment is extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop.

How could I ever forget one of the big boys. Angular is a very powerful MVVM framework which plays really nice with Meteor.

Check out the Meteor package.


Famous-views (formerly famous-components) is an attempt at a tight integration between Blaze and Famous.

I have been toying with and am extremely surprised of what it’s capable of! The animations in my application have never looked and felt so great before.

The only problem I had when using in my Meteor applications is that it’s too much javascript and too little Blaze.

The community had the same problem which let to the birth of Famous-views.

Check out the Meteor package.

Jasmine + Velocity

Meteor makes it easy to make modern web apps. Now Velocity makes it easy to test them, too. Your tests update reactively, just like your apps. And since it’s the officially sanctioned testing framework for Meteor, you can use it with confidence.

If you are writing tests for your Meteor applications then I’m sure you have heard of this wonderful combination.

Combining the expressiveness of Jasmine with the power of Velocity is a great way to make your applications clean and more robust.

Check out the Meteor package.


Understand what’s happening in your Meteor app realtime

This package got my fancy after following their official tutorial. It’s absolutely essential to see how performant your application actually is.

If you’re writing an application that will run in a production environment I highly recommend to take a look at Kadira.

Check out the Meteor package.


Underneath that awkward Java-esque patina, JavaScript has always had a gorgeous heart. CoffeeScript is an attempt to expose the good parts of JavaScript in a simple way.

I have a love hate relationship with javascript. Let’s be honest, it can be real funky sometimes. Coffeescript aims to solve a lot of the javascript issues and in its mission has eliminated a fair amount of code that you need to write.

Less code which is more powerful and, in my opinion, more expressive.

Check out the Meteor package.


I really like where the Meteor community is heading and am excited to see what other things are going to be made possible!

I’m eagerly waiting to hear what your favorite packages are.
Thank you for reading, my dear reader.