Day one: Wikipoly

September 26, 2015

Wikipoly is a wikipedia viewer build on the magnificent Polymer. Its main purpose is to let the user search for relevant articles in a nice material design user interface.

live demo

This is my first real application written in Polymer and being new to the world of web components. It was not that easy to get into. Luckely, as I am standing on the shoulders of giants, there are plenty of recources available.

After scaffolding the starter kit and removing almost everything except the paper-header-panel. I was in need to put a search bar somewhere on the page. During the Polymer summit I remembered a little technique, shown in the polymer gmail app. Place the search bar over the main header panel. This creates a very neat effect as it does not create extra clutter on the page.

search preview

Retrieving the data from Wikipedia was the biggest challenge I faced. Considering the data was requested from another domain. A normal ajax request was out of the question. unfortunately the Polymer team does not have a cross domain request component yet. However. Coderfin has created the wonderful byutv-jsonp component which solves this issue gracefully.

Web components bring something different to the table of webdevelopment. If this is the future than I am going to love development even more!

Please leave a star on the repo and let me know what you think.