Day four: emoji quiz

September 29, 2015

Emoji quiz is an app where you as the user get to guess the title of an emojified movie!

Inspired by the recent Polymer summit I wanted to create a quiz app. Quizzes are fun, emoji are awesome so an emoji quiz would be awesomely fun, right!

try it out

Developing the app I faced one big challenge. The emoji library I used had to load in a script asynchronously. When it was done it would fire an emoji-ready event. The problem was that Polymer would render the movie title before its translated. This results into the title to be completely visible, oh no! After some tweaking I figured out that I should listen to this DOM event on the top level template and then call the mediator element.

With this problem solved. I could finish the app without much troubles.

Leave a star on the repo and tell me what you think.