Day seven: happy coding

October 2, 2015

Happy coding is a platform where users can share beautiful and interesting code snippets with other enthusiastic developers. Powered by Meteor and designed with Bootstrap 4 alpha!

live demo

I love where bootstrap 4 is heading. As of right now it is still in alpha but it has some very nice features that bootstrap 3 lacks. Should I even have to say more than flexbox?

In particular I like the cards of bootstrap 4. There is a masonry component which lets you display a grid of cards. Which was incredibly useful for showing the code snippets on the pages.

masonry preview

Bootstrap’s awesomeness aside. I did face challenges while creating this app. Fetching gists from github reactively wasn’t as simple as I thought it was going to be. First I tried the gist-embed library. However, this seemed to not play so well with the reactive aspect as it would not fetch a new gist on update. After some fiddling around I stumbled upon the meteor-gists package and it worked like a charm!

submit preview

It was a blast creating this application and I encourage you to check out the live demo. Let met know what you think and don’t forget to leave a star on the repo.