Day eleven: pubhub

October 6, 2015

Pubhub is an application build on Polymer to find all the local pubs near any location.

live demo

After building the weather app and discovering how easy it is to integrate google components inside a Polymer app. I wanted to see what wonderful things the maps component is capable of. And what better way to learn than writing an app that finds the local pubs!


In the past weeks I have learned a lot about Polymer so creating the front end was a breeze. Using the mediator pattern and some material goodness. That part of the app was done blazing fast.

Challenges arose when using the Yelp API. I’m new to using oauth. It seemed a little intimidating at first. However, after reading and some fiddling around. It worked and the client was wired up to fetch pubs by location.

It was challenging to get the API to work but that it makes it all the more rewarding when it does. Please leave a star on the repo and tell me what you think.