Day eighteen: codenow

October 13, 2015

Codenow is a time tracker right in your editor! Install the atom package and track how much time you spend coding.

live demo

First of all. Wow, this app was satisfying to build. This was not just a web application. Today I also made an Atom package that sends data over DDP to the server.

The challenging part of today’s project was the Atom integration. Having never build a custom package. I dived right in.

connecting with the server

Meteor uses DDP instead of HTTP to send and receive data. I needed some sort of DDP client. Atom supports the use of npm modules inside a package so I ended up going with this module. It makes connecting delightfully simple. With the first challenge completed. Let’s look at sending data.

sending data

Atom could not make this any easier. Turns out that a package can subscribe to changes in a text editor. It can even detect when the user has stopped typing! This is perfect for the time tracking functionality. Hacking away on the hackable editor. I got sending data to work and the only thing left was publishing the package.

Thank you for reading and please leave a star on the repo.