Day nineteen: timelog

October 14, 2015

Timelog supports users through the browser and also has a native IOS app! Meaning that today marks the day that I created my very first native mobile app, Awesome!

live demo

Creating a native app with Meteor can make the codebase messy. This sucks. I wanted to keep the code as clean as possible while still being able to share between the native and web app. This forced me to go out my comfort zone and search for a new design pattern.

ios preview

package for everything

Everyone who has build an app with meteor knows the power of packages. With a single line of code an entire authentication system can be used! There are millions of them.

meteor add accounts-password accounts-ui

To me this is where the package story used to end. However, after reading “Package for everything” I changed my ways. This design patters allows injecting logic where needed. Does this solve the dirty codebase problem? Yes, yes it does! Now I was able to separate the IOS user interface from the web interface and still use the same collections, methods, etc…

This day was full of learning new ways of developing awesome apps! Thank you for reading and please leave a star on the repo.