Day twenty three: hipsterify

October 18, 2015

Remember that picture you took of that thing last time? Now it can look even cooler! Use hipsterify to add an inspirational quote and apply a nice filter to make your picture outstanding and completely underground. Use it now before it’s mainstream!

live demo

I am a frequent browser of the internet and am not spared the occasional hipster meme. This got me thinking. With all the trends going on. Let’s go back to our roots and slap a “life changing quote” on a completely unrelated image. Let’s take this boring old picture of a beautiful landscape for example: landscape Ugh I hate looking at beautiful landscapes. Now if only there was text on it that would make me reflect on my life! Let’s hipsterify the image! landscape hipsterified Now this is something I can think about while being ahead of that meddling mainstream.

Let’s do another! nature hipsterify Oh no, boooo! Nobody likes to watch wheats. Let’s hipsterify it! nature hipsterified So much better.

Developing this app was a lot of fun and besides having to switch from express to php. It still was simple. Image manipulation is completely new to me and this felt like a nice introduction. Next time I’m going all out with my new found knowledge!

Thank you for reading and leave a star on the repo.