Day twenty four: placethecage

October 19, 2015

Sometimes I look at the internet and think that there is a disturbing lack of Nicolas Cage images. That’s why I encourage everyone to use the placethecage app to get the best looking nicpic for the desired dimensions to use in your projects!

live demo

In case you are wondering what exactly you are looking at. The placethecage app provides placeholder images to use during the development of a project. This is at the point where you need an image to place into a design but don’t care what the image actually looks like. So why not the man we all know and love? Let him have his debut on your website by using placethecage!

first nic pic


Nicolas Cage always looks fabulous. I couldn’t possibly want to ruin his image. So the challenge was to provide the user with the best looking picture with the desired dimensions.

One way to solve this would be to have a range of images all with a different aspect ratio. When the user requests an image of 300 width by 300 height. The picture that fits best into that 1:1 ratio will be rescaled and send to the user!

second nic pic

That’s the way I solved it and for the curious. All the available nicpics can be found here.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to leave a star on the repo!