Day twenty nine: Chuck Norris

October 24, 2015

Chuck Norris jokes always make for a great laugh. They are ridiculously masculine and try to show off the badass that is and always will be Chuck Norris. Today’s app adds a random joke to a picture of the hero we all know and love.

live demo

While searching for funny API’s to use in an application. I stumbled upon the ICNB which stands for the Internet Chuck Norris Database. That’s right! This website is dedicated to providing Chuck Norris jokes and the best thing is. They have an API!

After creating the placethecage app that shows pictures of Nicolas Cage in the desired size. I wanted to learn more about image manipulation. The objective was to cleverly place multiple lines of text on an image while still making it readable. Using the ICNB API the final product looks like this. Chuck Norris preview

Although I am still relatively new to image manipulation. Positioning the text was simple. Using python and the awesome Pillow package. With a little bit of trial and error. I got the text to fit and now everyone can enjoy the hilarity of the jokes with a badass image!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a star on the repo.