Hi there! Fancy meeting you here.
My name is Thomas Farla and I am the proud owner of this space on the Internet.

What is this place?

This website is build to help you become an even better software developer, isn’t that great!
Here I invite you, my dear reader, to take this journey on the way to mastering all sorts of techniques.
No stone will be left unturned!

Let me introduce myself

Somewhere in the Netherlands is a small village called Sint-Maartensdijk.
This village also happens to be where I live. What a coincidence!
In my house you can encounter my wonderful parents, my cool older brother and a bunch of computers.

When I was 15 I enjoyed my education at Zoomvliet college located in Roosendaal.
On the first day we learned how to build a web page in HTML, neat!
After fiddling around with different fonts and sizes
I wanted to know how to build an authentication service. Our young developer found out this was not possible in HTML. So at this point I set on to learn about PHP, JavaScript and web development.
That is where it all began.

Little Thomas grew up to be quite the curious developer.
Having written hundred of thousand lines of code.
I feel that others might learn a thing or two by reading about my experiences.

Do you share the same passion and excitement that I have?
Do you enjoy writing high quality applications?
Then please have a look around. I am sure something will strike your fancy!